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Promo Videos by Pasi Rytkonen

Remembering warm summer 2022

Some memories from 2020

Ridin' Ridin'

Footage from Live in Kinoma at Hyvinkää, Finland - 14.3.2020 - Movie & Music II - Hurriganes Hot Wheels Special Event! Last night before everything was closed down because of Covid-19. Video by Juha Kärkkäinen

Night Ridin' Daddy

Live footage from early spring 2019 at Fun Bowling, Helsinki. Video by Jukka Hampunen

If You Start Rockin' (Don't Forget To Roll)

Footage from Texas Oil surprise performance at Helsinki market square in July 2017. Audio from released single.

Walking The Dog

The Rufus Thomas classic filmed and recorded 100% live from the rehearsals 2015-10-16.

Boogie Woogie Days                                           

Track from the Rocket Fuel -album. Footage from Texas Oil's  concert trip to  Hang 'Em Hi' festival in Enköping, Sweden 2015. 


Leaving Las Vegas                                           

The opening track from the Rocket Fuel -album (2015).

Live footage from Virgin Oil Co (Hki) and American Car Show 2015. 


That's My Hot Rod                                           

The hot rocking single from the Rocket Fuel -album (2015). Live footage from Golden Classics Cafe (Hki) and Eikan Pub (Järvenpää). 
That's El Pete's own hot rod that Hara is driving! Think about it!

Boogie Woogie Christmas                                           

What would Christmas be without some dirty boogie?
Texas Oil's first recording with the new bass punisher El Pete. The song was done 100% live. Filmed during the recording at Raymond's barn.

Gather 'Round                                          

The lead clip from the Hustler cd. Words and music by Hara Saanio.

Filmed at the Kustom Kulture Show in Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki 16-02-2013.
Black and white footage from Bar Mendocino and Raymond's Barn.
Special thanks to all the kool Kustom Kulture dancers.


Don't Say Goodbye                                                         

Filmed at the recording session of Hustler at Raymond's Barn.


Whadda Ya Do                                                         

Filmed at RootsEspa, August 2012. Audio from Hustler -cd (demomix).


Hey Bo Diddley                                                       

Live clip filmed from Virgin Oil Co, Hki and Hotel Hanhi, Lapinjärvi February 2013.

Live audio track from Virgin Oil Co, Helsinki.


Bad Baby                                                       

This is how it all started. The first rehearsals, the first song. Espoo, March 15th 2012.


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